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Tenant BMF Washington produces almost 50% of Washington Weed in August

Based on the August retail sales numbers for the State of Washington, SFBP tenant BMF Washington produced just under 50% of the weed sold in the state of washington in August (just over $3M retail worth).  BMF Washington markets its products under the Liberty Reach brand and runs a very professional operation.  Here are some pics of their very large grow.

Everything tracked from seed to sale with bar codes
Tyvek suits for cleanliness
48 light rooms
15,000 clone room capacity
Co2 Extraction for high quality oil concentrates
Beautiful buds

DSC_0178 DSC_0153_edited-1 DSC_0176 DSC_0056

Latest ad for SFBP

With the WSLCB process dragging on and more restrictions coming down on producer/processors, it is becoming ever more important to pick the right facility, location and partner for your cannabis business.  SFBP has multiple happy tenants already moved in and going, but we still have space for a limited number of other partners.  Given the resent restrictions on changing addresses, we have decided to do some marketing to let more producers know about the excellent facilities available at SFBP.  You may see this ad in a couple places in the coming month.