The South Fork Business Park is the largest specialized campus for I-502 producers and processors in Washington with over 750,000 sq ft of facilities across over 35 acres.  SFBP is located in and around the Port of Willapa Harbor in Raymond, Washington.  We offer turn-key fully operational grow and process facilities with the highest quality construction and equipment.  Our facilities include:

– Guaranteed WSLCB inspection facility approval.

– All electrical, HVAC, air filtration, grow lights, water supply, office equipment, chairs, seed to sale software and related equipment, computers, etc.

– All security requirements installed including cameras, on and off site video storage, optional integration into overall campus security system.

– Overall main campus security, perimeter security, regular security rounds, etc.

– Many shared facilities including organic composting, soil reclaimation, power co-gen, etc.

– Many synergies and scale advantages of being in the largest scale campus in the state including opportunities for shared purchasing, air transportation to/from Seattle, product transportation (when approved), on site customers for trim/oils/other processing, on-site state certified testing lab, and more.

There are two parts to the campus, a West Campus and a Main Campus.  Current availability is below.

Aerial view of SFBP
Aerial view of SFBP


Main Campus Availability

campus layout image

for information, info@southforkbp.com